Modern Miss Havisham ~ The Photography Farm


Last week I went on the Photography Farm that amazing wedding photographer Lisa Devlin runs.

It is such a brilliant place to feel inspired, meet other photographers and shoot in a relaxed and magical environment.

Day one was shoot day, half the day was spent shooting a modern homage to Great Expectations- Miss Havisham with Roo, Kat‘s intern, a very beautiful model.

The set was styled by Hannah from The Tea Set & Jayne from Sacco Photography & the fashion styling by Kat from Rock n Roll Bride.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shooting one of Lisa’s gorgeous couples engagement shoot (I’ll be blogging this next week)

Day two was a business school, looking at editing & post-production & talks from Lisa & Kat.

After a one-to-one business chat with Lisa, I came away from the farm with an understanding of how I want to go forward and combine my experience shooting editorial fashion work with weddings weddings. I feel so excited about the year ahead!

Here are my photos from the shoot, I LOVE that dress


Many thanks to:

Photography Farm run by Lisa Devlin ~ Photography Farm

Fashion Styling ~ Kat Williams, Rock n Roll Bride

Styling ~ Hannah Best, The Tea Set  and Jayne Sacco

Hair & Make Up ~ Elbie Van Eeden

Dress ~ The Couture Company

Multi Coloured sapphire & diamond necklace, lemon quartz & diamond ring by Eden Jewellery

Crown ~ Elisabeth Armstrong

Cake ~ Restoration Cake

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12 Responses to “Modern Miss Havisham ~ The Photography Farm”
  1. Lisa says:

    AMAZING! so beautiful and I can really really see your editorial style in these images.

  2. Alice says:

    Gorgeous, and can i have that dress for my wedding? PLEASE?!

  3. Jesus lady, these are amazing! I seriously love your photography, so great to have met you xxxx

  4. Lisa Devlin says:

    Oh Laura, these are so hauntingly beautiful. I am glad you got so much out of coming to Photography Farm. I put my heart and soul into it and it was such a pleasure to have you there. x

    • I got SO MUCH out of the farm. Just being around everyone in that environment was so inspiring. Me & Lisa jane even had tears in our eyes at your slideshow!! hahaha. LOved what you & the team managed to create, don’t know how you’ll top that on the next one. I feel like I’ve really learnt a lot about myself from it and how I want my business to go forward. Thank you so much Lisa *High Five* & love xxxxxxxxx

  5. Neil says:

    Beautiful Laura!x

  6. BRilliant, and I love seeing glimpses of the Farm, to remind me of that happy creative place.

  7. This looks like such an inspiring and fun workshop! If only sosmething like this existed for hotel managers, we could learn how to cook amazing breakfasts and wow every guest properly…. nah, wouldn’t work!

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